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Cyber Risk Wargaming

Test your organization’s readiness to respond to cyber attacks and large-scale disruptions with our market-leading cyber risk wargame testing. Our simulated exercises identify vulnerabilities and deficiencies in your systems and processes to evaluate the effectiveness of its plans, procedures, and teams for dealing with such events.

Identify your vulnerabilities

By simulating a cyber attack, we can help you and your team to prioritize your risk management efforts and address weaknesses

Evaluate your effectiveness

Ensure your team can respond quickly and effectively to disruptive cyber incidents through realistic exercises and immersive wargaming experiences

Build your confidence

Build confidence in your organization’s ability to respond to cyber attacks to improve your overall preparedness and increase resilience

Improve your communication

Communication is critical in the event of a cyber attack. By simulating an incident, we can ensure your team can collaborate and implement the appropriate plans without delay

Immersive cyber wargaming

Cyber Risk wargaming offers your teams a hands-on, lifelike encounter to evaluate your organizational response strategies while enhancing your preparedness to tackle various genuine threats. Our immersive wargaming program provides an effective platform to test, learn, refine, and improve your readiness to respond effectively to any crisis.

We help you to identify vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of plans, procedures, and teams. By simulating potential disruptive events, we can identify unknown vulnerabilities and quickly and efficiently provide recommendations to address them. With our specialized expertise and cutting-edge technologies, clients can proactively manage risks and ensure the continuity of their operations.

Realistic, immersive incident simulations

Realistic, immersive incident simulations

Cross-departmental and stakeholder participation

Cross-departmental and stakeholder participation

Advanced simulation tools and resources

Advanced simulation tools and resources

Relevant, tailored incident scenarios

Relevant, tailored incident scenarios


Jeffrey Wells

Cyber Risk and Intelligence Leader

Andrew Tait

Integrated Risk Leader

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