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Threat and Risk Intelligence Software

As the uncertainty and complexity of the risk landscape continue to intensify, too many organizations lack an in-depth understanding of their unique risk profile due to limited access to data. Not only does this lead to ill-informed decision-making but it also means that leaders may not fully appreciate the risks they are trying to control. By combining leading-edge threat intelligence software with risk data and values, we provide a revolutionary solution to identify, categorize, and visualize your unique threat risk data. Our threat management and risk intelligence platform completely maps out your operations, including your physical and cyber assets, people, and supply chain to provide total transparency.

Better understand your unique threat risk profile

Create a data-rich, single point of truth for your risk and security leaders around the globe, to gain the most comprehensive understanding of your organization’s entire risk profile

Better protect property, people, and systems

Geolocate your entire asset portfolio as well as your critical supply chain nodes to set up dynamic, real-time alerts of emerging threats and evolving risks

Make more informed business decisions

With the most contextualized and accurate risk and threat data available, you can make fast decisions more confidently, when it matters most, and deliver informed strategic threat management decisions to drive your organization forward

Save time, money, and resources

Invest in a single risk and threat visualization platform that improves communication and collaboration between teams, while quantifying the impact of an incident to help prioritize investment

Threat and risk intelligence

Sigma7’s Intelligence Fusion platform offers a single visualization of your internal and external risks, including geopolitical, operational, financial, and physical threats. We help you remove division and promote collaboration across your organization to help eliminate data siloes and ensure every stakeholder can access the most insightful overview of your threat risk.

We help you to make more informed data-driven business decisions in an increasingly complex and dynamic risk landscape. We provide end-to-end support by empowering you with the information you need to take calculated risks, find business opportunities, and win market share over your competitors.


analyst-verified incidents per month


raw news articles pulled per month


historical incident data points


weather and hazard alerts per month


Michael McCabe

S7 Intelligence Fusion Leader

Andrew Tait

Integrated Risk Leader

Better understand your unique risk profile