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Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

When you have teams traveling to hostile, remote, or challenging safety environments, your duty of care includes providing your people with the knowledge and skills they need to understand, evaluate, and mitigate risks. Facing security challenges, natural hazards, or significant differences in cultural and legal norms, building individual resilience helps your organization operate in higher-risk environments with greater confidence and effectiveness.

Immersive outdoor HEAT facilities

Spanning 85 acres, our design-built HEAT training facility in Virginia has a capacity of 250 participants and can imitate multiple environments including refugee camps, a local village, a UN or military base, and militia checkpoints.

Simulation-based indoor training center

Utilize our state-of-the-art training center for simulation-based learning, including an active shooter hotel room or office space scenario.

Organization-specific HEAT training delivered on-site

Having delivered Hostile Environment Awareness Training to over 6,000 participants in 75 countries, our training can be seamlessly adapted to reflect your needs and deployed on-site.

Virtual and eLearning HEAT programs

The only provider of HEAT certification to deliver content virtually and incorporate videogames, eLearning, and online training modules to support your learning experience.

Active shooter training

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) exposes you to realistic, dangerous scenarios to test your response and behavior in a potential life-threatening setting.

The combination of theory and simulations designed specifically for Sigma7’s HEAT course is based on real-world experience in high-risk environments. An intensive yet highly practical training program, we prepare you with the knowledge and practices needed to understand and react safely to security incidents in hostile situations, including war zones, disaster-prone settings, remote locations, or areas of high crime and risk.

Aligned with ISO 31030 for Travel Risk Management

Aligned with ISO 31030 for Travel Risk Management


Online micro-learning modules to support your training

City and Guilds assured certification

City and Guilds assured certification

Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) approved training center

Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) approved training center


Colin Brown

S7 RSM Leader

Dr. Mike Blyth DBA

S7 RSM Leader

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