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Mission Critical Security Operations in a Sensitive, High Complexity Risk Environment.

Protecting the Protectors

Companies in the defense sector regularly navigate a web of interconnected political, geopolitical, regulatory, supply chain, cybersecurity and reputational risks. Sigma7 is proud to bring expertise from the highest levels of the military to provide up-to-the-minute market insight and support of strategic and operational decision-making.

The scale and complexity of defense sector businesses often fragments risk management responsibility across multiple organizational levels, functions and geographies. Sigma7’s unique approach brings forward a multidisciplinary team of experts, supporting clients to define and assess potential risk events, shape insurance values and requirements and structure business continuity plans. We make sure security operations get the most value from every risk investment, bridging silos to drive a single coherent approach.

Featured Solutions & Services

Enterprise Risk & Resiliency

Risk Analysis & Quantification

Field Operational Support

Capacity Building

Due Diligence

Cyber Risk Advisory

Better understand your unique risk profile