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Energy & Renewables

Protect your organization's reputation, improve operational efficiency and ensure long-term sustainability with an end-to-end energy risk management strategy.

Reduce your exposure to risk

The energy sector is a critical component of any modern economy. Its complexity means that your organization faces unique challenges and risks that can have significant financial, environmental and social consequences. Implementing effective energy risk management strategies can help you anticipate, mitigate and manage risks related to market volatility, regulatory changes, geopolitical factors, weather events and technological advancement. Operating in such an essential industry, you need an innovative approach to risk, ensuring you stay ahead of the fast-changing threat landscape and future-proof your operations.


Threat Intelligence Platform

Real-time risk monitoring, including dynamic weather and geopolitical data, for enhanced situational awareness.

Due Diligence

An essential requirement when acquiring or investing, our experts can help safeguard your company’s reputation.

Market Entry Risk Assessment

Better understand the risks for market entry and exit to identify opportunities, mitigate risks and protect your investment.

Better understand your unique risk profile