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Property Risk Engineering

Proactive risk management strategies for your facilities begin with reliable identification of potential vulnerabilities. Sigma7's expert risk engineers make a comprehensive evaluation of property and operational risks, identifying vulnerabilities and providing tailored risk mitigation recommendations.

Operational Reports

Locations are evaluated for construction, hazardous processes, fire control systems, management standards, natural catastrophe perils and more. All service instructions are jointly developed with the client.

Self Assessment

We gather data for lower value, typically non-production locations by self-assessment questionnaires. Risk scoring and basic recommendations are provided, with easy access through a client portal.

Remote Assessment

Key risk data can be gathered without travel to the site through an industry-specific questionnaire, supporting photos and documentation, and accompanied by a video conference with site management.

Natural Hazards Exposure

Every report evaluates natural hazards from windstorm, earthquake, flood and region-specifc perils. A site’s emergency response procedures are also evaluated, with detailed recommendations as appropriate.

Business Interruption

Our business interruption assessments bring together location level data and company-wide internal and external interdependencies. We also support client and broker teams in building business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Property risk engineering overview

Sigma7’s risk engineering professionals follow agreed standards and protocols to make comprehensive evaluations of hazards and assess site-level business interruption exposure. We work across industries, facility types and geographies, serving large corporations and many global commercial insurance markets.


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Jon Woodman

S7 Paragon Risk Engineering Leader

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S7 Paragon Risk Engineering Leader

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