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NGO & Humanitarian

The environments in which NGOs and humanitarian organizations currently operate are fast changing, so being able to anticipate and adapt quickly to evolving risks is crucial to keeping your people and operations safe.

Better manage humanitarian crises

The new and intensified risks faced by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are causing even further strain on an often underfunded and vulnerable sector. The pivotal work performed by humanitarian aid agencies and NGOs in high-risk, conflict-prone regions is sometimes deterred by increasing regulatory risks and political restrictions, in addition to already limited funding sources and rocketing cost-of-living crises causing social and economic instability. This ultimately means that despite the significant level of risk for the NGO sector, they often can’t invest in mitigation strategies to protect their people and projects. The overarching aim of Sigma7 is to make your risk spend go further, with tailored geopolitical and security risk management services specific to your organization’s context, location and activities.

Our solutions

Policy Design and Development

Build fundamental resilience at the operational and strategic level with tailored policy development and business continuity program design.

HEAT Training

Immersive, practical training in a specially designed NGO facility providing unrivalled personal safety and security training programs

Threat Intelligence Platform

Monitor real-time risks around your facilities and people to identify key threats and trigger incident response policies with an industry-leading threat visualization

Better understand your unique risk profile