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Logistics and Transport

With pressures to drive global efficiency and keep local control, understanding risk before it impacts you and your customers is critical. Get a more defined understanding of your unique risk issues, identify solutions and prioritize action for the best possible business outcome with our end-to-end approach to supply chain risk management.

Better protect your supply chain

The logistics sector is a critical component of modern economies, enabling the movement of goods and services across local and global markets.

Understanding  your supply chain risks and designing robust resiliency programs to minimize disruption requires significant expertise and experience. Whether it be cyber risk threatening your distribution or identifying the site-specific risks which must be engineered, being resilient requires an integrated approach to implementing critical systems and processes, designing fail-proof workflows and planning for potential disruption.

Sigma7 provides a broad range of support for the logistics industry, whether it be large dis

Our solutions

Supply Chain Risk Resiliency

Build resiliency and minimize disruption by better understanding the business-specific and industry-wide global supply chain risks

Cyber Risk Advisory

Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to stay ahead of the game and minimize the impact of cyber risk events on your business

Threat Intelligence Platform

Monitor real-time risks around your owned assets and identify risks to key suppliers with an industry-leading threat visualization and communication tool

Better understand your unique risk profile