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Global risk outcomes

Increasing complexity and ever-changing compliance standards and regulations within the technology sector have made organizations vulnerable to system failures, data breaches and cyber-attacks. And in a highly competitive industry, your reputation is crucial to your success. If you’re unable to effectively secure your data and systems, you could lose customers and consequently, revenue. Working with Sigma7, we’ll ensure that your current processes are rigorously stress tested; and we’ll identify gaps, design the policies and train your team on the best practices needed to ensure you can confidently identify, mitigate and manage such complicated and interconnected technology risks.

Our solutions

Cyber Risk Advisory

Strategic insight and operational guidance designed to address your organization’s unique technology risk profile

Cyber Claims Support

Accurately calculate your cyber values to better quantify your losses in the event of a cyberattack

Cyber Stress Testing

Get complete oversight of your cyber vulnerabilities to build a more resilient risk management strategy

Better understand your unique risk profile